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The Puebla Group represents a threat to international security and the sovereignty of nations


Foro Madrid strongly condemns the criminal invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin on the sovereign nation of Ukraine, expresses its support to the brave Ukrainian people, its political leaders; as well as to the government of Poland, for its unconditional support to Ukraine.


In the context of this invasion, Foro Madrid further denounces the complicity of the Puebla Group with Putin. This communist organization has publicly requested the withdrawal of sanctions against Russia, precisely when the Kremlin has ordered the bombing of civilian targets in Ukraine.


In this regard, Pedro Sánchez’s Government is undoubtedly a fifth column within NATO, for on one hand, it verbally expresses its disapproval of Russia’s invasion and on the other hand, it maintains prominent members of the Puebla Groupwithin key positions of its administration, such as Irene Montero, Minister of Equality; Pilar Cancela, Secretary of State for International Cooperation and within the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), its Deputy Secretary General, Adriana Lastra.


Foro Madrid thus, demands that Pedro Sánchez immediately dismisses the members of his government who are part of the Puebla Group, on risk of becoming himself an accomplice of Putin.


Foro Madrid, an international alliance that defends Freedom, Democracy and the Rule of Law on both sides of the Atlantic, held its First Regional Meeting last week in Bogota.


In the final Declaration of this meeting, it warned about the danger posed by the Puebla Group and at the same time condemned «the interference in our nations by China, Russia, Iran and other extra-continental powers, which intend to use the region for warlike purposes of expansion».


Madrid, February 27th 2022